Bipartisan - October 9, 2016
It's important to remember as we go to the ballot in November, that education can and truly, should be a bipartisan issue.The stakes are too high for our kids and the health of our community and our state as a whole to allow it to become a partisan issue.

High Expectations - October 6, 2016
There has to be a starting point where we believe that all children are capable of learning to high levels.

Innovation - October 3, 2016
Education is largely delivered in the same manner as it was when I went to school and when my parents went to school, and I think that is problematic. I think if we want different outcomes for kids, we have to be willing to do things differently.

Vision - September 30, 2016
We have a rare opportunity before us, in Ohio, to really create a custom-made system, that works for us and that works for our districts.

Elevate - September 27, 2016
I've talked to a lot of voters lately who feel frustrated that the voices of teachers and principals aren't being represented in decisions made about education. One of my main priorities would be to elevate the voices of teachers, as well as parents in our community.

Advocate - September 23, 2016
My experience as a parent has impacted me greatly. It is my primary lens when I think about education policy: What I want for my own girls is what I will advocate for on behalf everyone's kids.