Why I'm Running

As a former teacher and lifelong education advocate, I know that expectations matter. Growing up, I had teachers, coaches, and guidance counselors who challenged me to believe I was capable of anything. My parents also instilled this belief in me, and got me thinking at a very young age about college even though neither of them had completed it themselves.

As a parent, I envision the best for my daughters: a high-quality, well-rounded, challenging education provided by excellent educators who push them toward realizing their potential. What we want for our own children we must expect for everyone's children - no matter the neighborhood they live in or the resources they have. This is not only about educational equity and justice but also about Ohio's future economic vitality. The long-term health of our state depends greatly on how well we invest in our young people and produce well-educated, thoughtful citizens.

In Ohio, too many students are not reaching their full potential. This includes many of our poorest children whose schools have long struggled - students who see doors of opportunity slam in front of them when they're denied the excellent education they deserve. But it also includes many others, students who feel they are on the pathway to success only to reach college and need remediation. This happens to over 40 percent of our high school graduates, by the way. Still others aren't being challenged enough, or feel stifled or bored by narrowed curriculum. With new federal legislation that grants power back to states, we have a chance to change that - to allow districts more space and freedom to do what's necessary to reach all learners. We have an unprecedented opportunity to chart a better path for our children.

I am running for State Board of Education, District 6, because I'm committed to creating a world-class educational system for our kids. I would love to hear your ideas on how we can co-create an educational system that works for every student, that refuses to let any child fall between the cracks, that rewards excellence, makes space for innovation, and produces well-educated students as well as future citizens and community members who will continue making this world a better one to live in. I ask you for your support, your ideas, and your vote on November 8.